Sierra Designs Stretch DriDown Hoody Review

The Sierra Designs Stretch Dridown hoodie is designed to move when you move. Instead of firm, stretch-less nylon, the jacket is built using a nylon/spandex blend so that you gain mobility and comfort, without sacrificing weight or dependability. The stitching is also a stretchable material which gives the jacket extra give when you need it. The jacket is filled with approximately 120 grams (4.2 ounces) of 800 fill DriDown insulation, has numerous pockets and an insulated hood to keep the old noggin out of the cold.

Sierra Designs Stretch DriDown Hoody

What I liked

The jacket is quite comfortable. It has just enough stretch to actually let you move around without having to up size your jacket. The material itself has an interesting feel to it. More akin to a cotton feel than a slick nylon, which makes it feel more like a traditional jacket to the touch. This also eliminates the clammy feel when you get overheated while wearing it. The jacket was impressively warm for such a thin garment, keeping me nice and toasty into the low 40’s without supplement. I haven’t had a chance to test it lower, but I don’t see 30 degrees being any problem. Weather resistance is great, blocking strong cold winds entirely and shedding rain like a rain jacket. Despite being warm, it regulates impressively well. I could even hike leisurely with the jacket on without it becoming a mobile sauna. The fit is great, with elastic around the wrists, and adjustable hood and waist. The hood is comfortable, and falls flat against your back when not in use. Sizing is true to the charts listed on the SD site. Plenty of deep(really deep) internal pockets allows for more than adequate organization. Build quality is solid, shrugging off thorns, briers, and accidental rock encounters while scrambling . The jacket packs down well enough to use for backpacking.

Sierra Designs Stretch Dridown Hoodie

What I didn’t like

Initially, the material felt a little rough to touch, though this quickly softened as I wore the jacket, eventually falling into an almost cotton like feel. This is probably due to what I assume is a DWR to repel water off the jacket. The outside pockets are in your standard “just above the hips” location, which doesn’t work well for backpackers as the waist straps on your backpack will partially cover them up. Higher up pockets would be nice, but hardly a deal breaker. The jacket weighs roughly 17.5 ounces total, so it’s not the lightest down jacket, but not heavy by any means.

Sierra Designs Stretch Dridown Hoodie


If you like to move, jump, climb, scramble, crouch and lumber, this is probably your jacket. You’ll not have to worry about blowing out any seams thanks to the sturdy build quality and the jackets inherit ability to flex with your body. It’s soft, exceptionally comfortable, and resists inclement weather like a champ. Warm, cozy, reliable, and simply good looking, this jacket is a winner for anyone except the purist of ultra lighters.


Thanks to the manufacturer for providing this product. For full disclosure, see our about me page.


4 thoughts on “Sierra Designs Stretch DriDown Hoody Review

  1. Great review! I’m thinking about getting one of these. Do you have any input on the sizing? I typically wear a medium in all other outdoor brands, but have never had any Sierra Designs products. Roll with the medium?

      1. Thanks a ton! I think in going to go with a medium. If I layer under it, it would be a 4 way stretch mid layer that has a very athletic fit. It should be perfect. I really appreciate your insight and love your reviews.

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