Granite Gear LineLoc Lid Review

Sometimes the bare minimum isn’t quite enough for those who seek organization and convenience above weight and simplicity. The Lineloc Lid from Granite Gear is designed to satisfy those with mild OCD tendencies, and compliment the lidless packs in their line by attaching to the top of the backpack via attachments that are already implemented into their packs. This gives you more storage, more options, and an effective way to customize your backpack.

Granite Gear Lineloc Lid

About the Lid

The Lineloc lid weighs 9 oz and adds about 7 liters of storage to the top of backpack. Attaching by durable rope lines, the pack connects to the mid area of their Crown, Blaze, Trace, and Escape Backpacks. Built in tensioners allows you to cinch the lid down tight to the pack. The lid has dual zippers leading into the primary compartment, with a smaller zippered mesh pock inside for storage of wallets, keys, phones, and other items that you don’t want to accidental fall out of the lid when accessing the main compartment. Two straps on top allow you to strap additional items to the top. The lid can double as a hip pack for light weight hiking after base camp. Retail is $42.

Granite Gear Lineloc Lid


What I liked

The Lineloc is built very well. It feels durable, and even after being drug under trees, in and out of tents, and being hung on trees while hiking through brush, there are no signs of wear at all. It’s fairly light weight at just 9 oz, considering it adds 7 liters of space, and a much welcomed organizational advantage. It cinches down top, and adds stability to the pack, while also giving you the ability to “overstuff” your backpack under the lid, using the lid as an anchor. The lid itself is fairly water resistant, rolling drops off during generous rains while packing up camp. Connecting the lid is fairly easy, and it stays in place well. It’s clearly designed along with the packs, and not some afterthought. Adding the lid to the pack really adds a finished feel to anyone who craves organization with their backpacks. Atop this, it looks great.

Granite Gear Lineloc Lid


What I didn’t like

At 42 bucks, it’s a little bit expensive. If you’re planning to remove the lid and use it as a hip pack, it will take a few minutes work to remove it. Once it’s fully attached, you must dissect the load straps on your backpack to remove it when converting to a hip pack, or never string the load straps through the lid, and simply rely on the 4 tensioners for support when using on the pack (an easier option, but less stabiltiy).

Granite Gear Lineloc Lid on the Crown V.C. 60



To me, this was a precious addition to my Crown V.C. I loved the comfort and light weight of the Crown backpack, but it begged for one more pocket, and this gave me two. It’s light weight, mostly affordable, and adds additional storage and organization. It’s everything I wanted, and it does the job incredibly well. Impressive durability only crowns the stack of reasons why you should add this lid to your backpack if your’e missing one. If you’re not planning to use the pack as a hip pack, you’ll have nothing to complain about.

Highly recommended


Thanks to the manufacturer for providing this product. For full disclosure, see our about me page.


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