Backcountry Chicken and Stuffing Recipe

You’re not going to make your friends hate you by eating that pre-packed dehydrated junk. You’re going to need some real munition to start this war, and I plan to arm you to the teeth. I bring you, Backcountry Chicken and Stuffing. It’s simple, delicious, and will make everyone else around the campfire jealous.

Serves two.

Backcountry Cranberry Chicken


Stove Top Chicken Stuffing

Packaged, shelf stable chicken in a bag. Tyson works well.

Dried Cranberries/Craisins (we so can pretend it’s healthy)

Powdered chicken gravy

Backcountry Cranberry Chicken
Stuffing (left), Dehydrated chicken (bottom right), and Gravy (top right)


Optional additions

Dehydrated peas, green beans, and corn will add some flavor, plus protein, nutrition and fiber.

Preparation at home

Divide the stuffing into two durable freezer bags (a little more in your bag, for your trouble)

Gather up however many cranberries you would like and repackage these into lighter storage bags (a couple tablespoons is sufficient).

Repackage the gravy as well (don’t divide into two).

Backcountry Cranberry Chicken


On the trail

Bring water to a boil.

Add enough boiling water to each dressing pouch to make it soft, but not soggy. You can mostly follow the instructions on the box here, but mind you divided the package in half.

Add boiling water to the gravy, but only half the water recommended by the package. You don’t want it to absorb into your other ingredients.

Backcountry Cranberry Chicken

Immediately add the chicken to the hot gravy to warm the chicken, and let it sit long enough for the stuffing to soak up the water, and for the gravy to set.

Add the cranberries to the stuffing, mix, and pour the gravy and chicken over the top.

Devour quickly, before the bears show up.

You’re welcome.

cranberry chicken1



Other things of mention

I’ve had some success with dehydrating the chicken for longer trips and weight savings. It takes a while to reconstitute, and it tends to end up a bit stiff. Still delicious.

For a little more satiety, add a squirt of olive oil to your gravy mixture. The oils will add calories, and keep you full longer.



7 thoughts on “Backcountry Chicken and Stuffing Recipe

    1. The idea is that you can separate it into two different servings if you have two bags. I should probably clear that up a bit in the article, but the bags are basically the bowls too; so it’s nice to have two of them.

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