Sea To Summit Sleeping Mats Preview (2015)

Sea to Summit is doing some very interesting things with their sleeping mats, to be released early 2015.  While Sea To Summit isn’t a company you would normally think of when you think sleeping pads (or mats as they’re calling them), they’ve clearly been thinking them through. They have some intriguing designs I can’t wait to get my hips on.

The main features that make these pads stand out from the rest come from two major points:

A. “Air Sprung Cells”. These are basically stabilizing welds in the pads, but instead of traditional styles baffles, they’re doing what they’re calling “dot welding” patterns. These simulate the more traditional baffles that you would expect in a home mattress. This should distribute your body weight, and reduce any pressure points on your body, and provide more of that never left my bed comfort.


B. Single, Hybrid and dual layers designs. Here, in the dual layered pads, they’re designing two separate redundant layers into the pad. One on the bottom, and one on the top. This allows you to inflate the bottom layer stiff, and leave the top layer more softly inflated to provide both loft, and cushioning. Bonus, if one goes flat, the other will still keep you off the ground, so you’ll still get some sleep. A hybrid version features dual layers in the torso area only, reducing weight but still adding extra layers where you really need it.

Other interesting details, like multi-function valves allow you to inflate and deflate easier and faster. It’s a combined system that has a one way valve (no loss of air between breaths), a quick deflate port, and a fine tuning button that will only allow a small amount of air to escape, so you can fine tune your sleep. You’ll also have varying levels and types of insulation to choose from (Thermolite based).

You’ll be offered 6 variations: Ultra Light (single layer), Comfort Light (Hybrid layers), and Comfort Plus (dual layers). Each comes in insulated or non-insulated options. You will also have rectangle and mummy options in the comfort Plus line.

Expect these in March 2015. Hopefully I’ll be able to gain some samples to share with you guys a full review.

For more info, check out the video below.

Rectangular Sea to Summit sleeping mat



2 thoughts on “Sea To Summit Sleeping Mats Preview (2015)

  1. Well I tried the STS Ultralight pad on a 5 day adventure into the Trinity Alps Wilderness this past weekend and am sorely disappointed. On day 3 we made camp on an Alpine shoulder below Mt Siligo where I set my bivouac with the STS ultralight inside my bivy sac; when I turned to go to bed I discovered the pad had deflated, with a sinking heart I re inflated and hoped I had miss used the valve, but sure enough within the hour I was laying on a flat and useless piece of gear. What gear fails after only 2 uses?

    As for comfort the technology is sound when I used it those first two nights, I remember a pleasant degree of comfort, however to be left stranded on a cold and snowy ridge after the product failed seriously diminished this company’s reputation within my humble opinion. needless to say I did learn how to improvise for the rest of the trip to stay warm, if not restless nights. Also to be fair, I knew I had an air mattress and so I took care in site prep, storing in my pack, and using a proper groundcloth to protect the pad, however it seems to have no durability if the product failed even after all this care.

    I really wanted to like this product as it was comfortable and it was the lightest in its class, but this product did fail only after 2 days out of the box. Some would say it is my own fault for relying on an inflatable mattress in the backcountry, but then my Therma Rest ultralight 3/4 pad lasted 15 years before it ever needed a repair.

    1. Hi Bryan!
      I suggest you give Sea to Summit a call. I’m sure they’ll promptly replace the pad for you, or you could patch is yourself, which is pretty easy. I recommend the Seam Grip repair kit. I’ve tested a lot of pads, and most of them do spring a leak. It’s just the nature of these light weight, high loft pads. If it’s within two days you may have just received a pad that came off the line wonky. These things happen with new products as they have to work out some kinks.
      If I can be of assistance with a repair, please let me know! I do recommend giving it another go however, as it’s actually one of the tougher new pads on the market (in my experience).

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