2015 Sierra Designs Tents and Sleeping Bags Preview

You’ve probably noticed by now, but Sierra Designs has been doing some really cool stuff with their…designs. 2015 looks to be no different with several new products, and a few that really caught my attention. Let’s take a look.

First, I’m very excited about these, as SD produces some of my favorite tents.

Sierra Designs Tensegrity Tents. 

The name comes from the words “tensional” and “integrity”. This will be an ultra light tent that pitches with trekking poles to cut weight, and one included pole for the foot of the tent. The unique configuration, instead of having vertical trekking poles, leans the poles out, away from the heads of the users. This creates additional living space higher up in the tent, where you really need it. This also increases tension, and thus stability.  It requires only seven stakes to fully pitch.

The tent, like all current SD models, ditches vestibules in favor of gear closets and enhanced ventilation. The gear closet on this particular tent rolls up entirely, creating a large mesh window for star gazing.

Sierra Designs Tensegrity tent 2015

The tent will come in two models, Elite and FL (Feather Light). The Elite Model is silicone treated on both sides (in contrast to one side silicone and one side polyurethane). This creates more strength and lower weights, but does require seam sealing. The FL is your more traditional coatings, coming fully seam sealed.

Available as the Tensegrity 1 Elite (1lb, 10oz; 17.1 sq ft interior; $399.95) and Tensegrity 2 Elite (2lb, 2oz; 29.3 sq ft interior; $489.95). Tensegrity Elite tents are also available in Tensegrity FL (Feather Light) versions, offering 30D nylon ripstop floors, 20D polyester ripstop body, and seam taping throughout. Tensegrity 1 FL (1lb, 15oz; 17.1 sq ft interior; $319.95); Tensegrity 2 FL (2lb, 8oz; 29.3 sq ft interior; $389.95).



Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Elite

Improving on the popular Backcountry Beds released last year, Sierra Designs has come up with a way to make them even better by making them lighter. Aside from a new color scheme, the Elite version of the bags will use a finer denier shell and liner. They’re also bumping the DriDown up to 850 fill (more loft/warmth per oz). The new 30 degree model will only weigh 1lb, 11oz, and retails for $519.

I’ll keep you posted as these come available. Sierra designs Backcountry Bed elite



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