Hummingbird Widemouth Carry-on review

The Widemouth Carry on by Hummingbird is designed to travel. It’s a rugged ,40 liter, waterproof, carry on bag that’s designed to fit into carry on compartments, or wherever else you’re brave enough to stuff it.

About the Carry on

The bag weighs 1 lbs 12 oz, and carries a full 40 liters of gear in the primary compartment. It’s built from thick, durable vinyl. The bag closes via a waterproof roll top, that clips on either side of the pack. There is a small zippered compartment on the side. A compression strap system is included and can cinch down the pack for stability and compact-ability. Retail is $149, but they can be found much cheaper.

Hummingbird Widemouth 5

What I liked

Simple but tough. You’ll basically get the main enclosure, and a tiny zippered pocket with a couple padded handles. That’s all you need.

Built from reinforced vinyl, with a rolltop enclosure, it’s entirely waterproof and can be used in the most ruthless of travel environments (top of the Subaru during a downpour). It’s built so tough that I never once had to consider how I handled it. Dropping it into dirt, gravel, throwing it into the back of the car with tools and backpacks- I never blinked an eye. There was no doubt that it would take the abuse, and it did. So far it shows absolutely no signs of wear.

Hummingbird Wide mouth Carry on

Torture tests were comprised of leaving the bag in a gushing downpour for hours on end. Not a drop of water had a chance to get through the thick material. It simply beaded up and rolled off. After the storm, the material and straps dried quickly. It’s also mostly air impermeable, so if you happen to drop the bag full of your friends tacky vacation clothes off into the ocean(I’m not judging), it will float for retrieval.

Usage is simple, and access to the main compartment is effortless. The handles are wrapped in a thick plastic (seemingly also vinyl), which feels nice and grippy in the hands, while preventing the nylon straps from cutting into your hand.

The Wide mouth holds a LOT of stuff.
The Wide mouth holds a LOT of stuff.


What I didn’t like

The tiny little pocket on the side seems almost useful, but not really. I couldn’t find myself wanting to leave anything of real value there, simply due to the size and too easy of access. Perhaps a document listing the owner and how to return it would suffice here.

The bag didn’t come with any type of shoulder sling, so by default you’ll be left to carry the bag by hand. This is fine for short distances, but if you’re carrying a heavy bag through long terminals it may be a pain.

It’s kind of heavy for a carry on, and organization is nearly non-existent. It’s also a bit expensive at retail, but a little digging will net you a better deal.

Hummingbird Wide mouth Carry on


It’s simple, it’s tough, it’s waterproof, convenient, and heavy. If your concern is getting your stuff from A to B, and you don’t want to have to worry about the elements getting to your precious equipment, this is certainly a solid object. It will protect and get you access to everything you need with minimal effort. Not quite worth the premium retail price tag, but if you find a good deal, it’s a winner.


Hummingbird Wide mouth Carry on



Thanks to the manufacturer for providing this product. For full disclosure, see our about me page.


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