Sunday Afternoons Solar Bucket Hat

Protection from the sun and its harmful rays are something that I cannot stress enough, and a good hat goes a long way to topping off that protection. The Solar Bucket by Sunday Afternoons is lightweight, affordable option for those who want protection, and style.

The Solar Bucket is built with a full 3″ brim, sloping down to shed water and wind. The hat is built from a waterproof nylon body, and polyester mesh for ventilation. It includes a chinstrap for those windy days. It retails for just $30, and comes in various colors and sizes.

Sun Day Afternoons Solar Bucket

What I liked

The solar bucket is the perfect combination of a wide enough brim to shield you from harsh sunlight, without getting caught up on your backpack or blocking too much of your vision. It holds strong during hard winds thanks to the adjustable chin strap, and feels quite comfortable.

Ventilation is great, with a full mesh vent around the circumference of the hat, with a cool breathable nylon finishes up the top cap.

An internal adjustment cord allows for some fine tuning of the cap’s fit.

It’s light weight, durable, and doesn’t mind if you repeatedly jam it into a backpack. It always comes back to life with a quick flick or two, and does a great job of staying clean and dry during longer trips.

Looks great on men or women.

Sun Day Afternoons Solar Bucket

What I didn’t like

The internal adjustment works by tying a knot into a string. It works, but produces a knot that you can feel through the cap. I left it untied which prevented the issue, but this only works if you have a good fit.

Fit consideration

It runs slightly small.


A well balanced, comfortable hat that provides real protection in the backcountry is priceless. It’s light weight, looks great, and certainly doesn’t hurt the wallet. It provided all day comfort, without blowing into the deep valleys below during hard shifting winds. Minus the internal adjustment, it’s a fantastic option for anyone who spends time outside. Just make sure you have a good fit.

Highly recommended

You can find more information and buy online at

Big Thanks to Sunday Afternoons for supplying this hat for review. A full disclosure can be found on our about us me page.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoons Solar Bucket Hat

  1. I have been looking for a good fitting hat with a nice brim to shade my face and neck. Have had skin cancer and love outdoors but staying shaded is a must.I love biking and the chin strap will work for me,the brim isn’t large enough to cover my eyes if the wind bows in my face. That is such a hazard with some hats that I have.

    1. This is certainly a good way to go. So happy you’re taking the time to protect yourself from the sun. It’s really a powerful force, and people don’t realize it until it’s too late.

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