Granite Gear Boundary Campus Backpack Review

For some, backpacks are a daily essential that carries with them and through the rigors of daily life. It makes sense then to invest in a backpack that’s not only comfortable, but utilitarian and stylish. The Boundary from Granite Gear is exactly that. A backpack for your everyday needs, be it a student, a hiker, or just a busy individual.

The Boundary is built from solid Repelaweave fabric, with a Taurpalite base for added protection against abrasion and the elements. The pack consists of a main zip complete with a padded laptop/tablet sleeve, two larger zippers with generous organization features inside, and a smaller barrier zip with added rain protection for sensitive items like phones, calculators, cameras or handheld consoles. A vertical daisy chain allows for attaching less pack-able items, along with cinching straps along the bottom for even more expansion. Two side pockets accommodate small bottles, umbrellas or gloves, while generously padded shoulder straps, back, and a stretch chest strap helps to disperse the load. Concealable waist straps provide stability when needed, or disappear when not.

The backpack retails for $49.99 and comes in a variety of colors.

Granite Gear Boundary Campus Backpack

What I liked

Durability is front and center. The Repelaweave and Taurpalite fabrics resist concrete, handrails, branches, and rock with no signs of abrasion. The stitching is solid, and clean, producing an overall sensation of quality and reliability that will last you many years.

Comfort is also top-notch. Generously, but not excessively, padded chest straps and back does a great job of distributing weight across the shoulders without producing pressure points. I was able to carry roughly 20 pounds of books, notebooks, electronics, and rain gear all packed away neatly inside without discomfort. I never even found the need to use the optional waist straps. The chest and back also breathe decently well, helping with perspiration on those humid days or times of exertion.

Granite Gear Boundary Campus Backpack

Organization is key to a productive day, and the Boundary backpack delivers here as well. The main zip stashes your large items and tablet, while the smaller zip just in front provides plenty of room for my headphones, glasses, pencils, pens, supplies, and even my DS for those less busy days, all stashed away in their own pockets for quick access and compartmentalization. The smaller Barrier zip does a great job of keeping my keys and phone dry during downpours, while the larger bottom pocket stashes my lunch and snacks. Side pockets are a bonus that I’ve never even had to use thanks to huge amounts of other storage.

Granite Gear 1

Accessing the pockets is painless, thanks to ruggedly built, but buttery smooth zippers that slide effortlessly one-handed along the pack.

The pack looks great, with vibrant colors that aren’t gaudy or suspicious. It’s not only targeted for campus use, but also proves a competent day hiking pack as well.

The value here is impressive. At under $50, you’ll be carrying a pack that looks and feels like you spent $100.

Granite Gear Boundary Campus Backpack

What I didn’t like

The chest strap, while eternally useful, it’s a little strap happy with extra cordage dangling in front. A quick accessory clip holds these in place and out of the way though.

The chest straps have a somewhat roughly textured fabric on them, which caused me some discomfort at first. This faded with time.

Granite Gear Boundary Campus Backpack


The Boundary pack from Granite Gear proves to be an incredible value for campus users and day hikers alike. It’s hard to believe the pack only retails for $49 bucks, considering the quality, appearance and features. It’s built in a way that bestows absolute confidence that the pack will last for years, while providing comfort and massive amounts of storage and organization. This is a backpack that I can easily recommend to anyone.

The highest of recommendations

You can pick up a Boundary pack right here. 

Granite Gear Boundary Campus Backpack

Big thanks to Granite Gear for providing the Boundary for review.


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