Morakniv Pro S Review

A good knife is the one and only tool that I suggest everyone carry with them into the backcountry, and for good reason. When you need one, nothing else will do. Made in Mora Sweden, the Morakniv Pro S is a light weight, yet supremely usable blade that’s usable on the trail and off.

It’s built simply, housing only a solid stainless steel blade, rubber handle and an included sheath. The handle is molded ergonomically to fit the shape of the hand, and rubberized to prevents slips and fatigue. The blade is slightly larger than most Moraknivs, which boosts durability and control. The sheath is a simple yet durable plastic with a drain hole on the tip that connects easily to backpacks or belts.

Moraknive pro s

What I liked

Simplicity and performance are the two largest selling points here. The solid blade has no moving parts to lose or break, and the enlarged blade provides a sturdy, reliable edge. Speaking of the edge, the blade is incredibly sharp. Cutting through wood, cloth, cardboard and plastic was always a pleasure and buttery smooth. I’m yet to notice any dulling, despite my joyriding of the blade through everything I can find.

The grip is comfortable and grippy without feeling overdone or excessively contoured. It’s just enough, without being too much. I never once has the blade turn, slip, or jerk unexpectedly thanks to the well designed handle. Again, durability is very high here with the solid plastic body providing a sturdy base to work with.

Moraknive pro s

The sheath works great, and always kept my blade in place even while hiking and backpacking. it clips easy to just about any belt or strap and stays in place. Sliding the blade in and out is always easy, but not so easy that I feel like I’m going to loose my knife off my pack.

It’s impressively light weight, weighing only 4 oz for the blade and the sheath.

Moraknive pro s

What I didn’t like

I would like to see more carry options, as the included sheath is somewhat limited. You’ll be mostly limited to the traditional vertical carry, or sliding it into a pocket somewhere similar.


The Pro S by Marakniv is an impressive blade, not just for its durability and cutting performance, but also for its ergonomics and flexible appeal. It feels at home on the trail and at home in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a single blade that will give you years of cutting performance, this could be your knife.

You can pick up a Morakniv Pro S here. 

Moraknive pro s

Big Thanks to Morakniv for providing the product for review. We couldn’t do it without you. A full disclosure is available on our contact us page.


One thought on “Morakniv Pro S Review

  1. I have to say, the price of the Morakniv’s and durability of them has held up quite well for me through the years. I’ve had several wooden handle models, scout models, and more recently some of their kitchen models and have been extremely happy with them. For anyone getting in to backpacking, or any sort of outdoor use, you absolutely can’t beat the price and durability of these tools.

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