L.L.Bean No Fly Zone Trail Pants

The No Fly Zone Trail Pants from L.L.Bean are lightweight, protective trails pants treated specially to repel bugs and prevent bites. The pants are also abrasion-resistance and stretch where needed to provide mobility. How do they hold up after extensive testing?

The No Fly Zone Pants come have a nice, stretchy waist. This provides a close fit and also helps to keep the pants in place. The typical hand pockets are paired with zippered leg and back pockets to provide quick storage of wallets, keys, maps, snacks, or whatever else you’re carrying that day. The pants protect from bugs in a couple ways, include the stretchy hip, as well as a cinch leg opening to keep bugs out. The abrasion resistant nylon is also thick enough to keep bites away from the skin, and a treatment applied directly to the pants repels many insects, including ticks (70 washings). A built in UPF 50+ protects from UV damage as well. The pants retail for $74.

LL Bean No fly Zone Pants4

What I liked

The pants have a great cut, and provide a superb fit. The legs run mostly straight down offering lots of room inside to move freely, yet fit close enough to not be baggy or look too big. The waist stays snug against the body, and also resists slipping while hiking or walking. The cinch around the ankles helps keep out the creepy crawlies and also works well to keep the pants from slipping under your boots or getting muddy.

Visually, the pants look fantastic. The smooth, minimalist look provides a clean elegant look that also looks sporty. I’ve been able to pass them off as professional in business settings, while also blending in on the trail for a quick hike.

They’re also light weight, thanks to the lack of unnecessary features and the relatively thin materials. Despite this, they’ve held up great. Resisting abrasion scuffs in a variety of circumstances, indoors and out.

Temperature regulation is pretty good, with a minimal buildup of body heat while working or moving.

LL Bean No fly Zone Pants3

What I didn’t like

The pants run just a tiny bit small in the waist due to the elastic bands inside (near insignificant) but it’s enough of a difference to make the pants more snug around the waist than I normally prefer. Thankfully, it’s a stretchy kind of snug so it’s still quite comfortable. If you like a loose waist, size up.

The insect repellent doesn’t last forever, although 70 washings is a lot of use.

LL Bean No fly Zone Pants1


I really like the No Fly Zone pants. They’re light weight, comfy, hold up well, and they do a great job of keeping out the critters during the warmer months. The thin build provides enough breathability to be usable for year round wear, and the durable fabrics ensure that they will survive to do so. The price is right, and they look fantastic. What more can you possibly want?

Highly Recommended

LL Bean No fly Zone Pants2
Nice cinch that seals up the leg of the pant without being restrictive.

For more information on these pants, check out www.llbean.com. For information on our review process and ratings, check out our Contact Us Page.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or contact us directly.

Big thanks to L.L.Bean for their generosity, and for providing these excellent pants for testing. We couldn’t make it without you. A full disclosure is available on our Contact us page.

Thanks for reading!


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