2017 Sierra Designs Tents Preview

Not to disappoint, Sierra Designs will be bringing more innovation and clever designs to the table for 2017. New offers will include a light weight budget tent, reinvigorated classics and the all new High Route solo shelter designed by Andrew Skurka himself. The new shelters all provide something new and innovative, something Sierra Designs has been pushing for over the last couple of years. Lots of details below!

The summer Moon 2

This new design focuses on backpackers who want a light weight tent on a frugal budget. The Summer Moon 2 is a single door, double wall shelter with a roomy 41″ peak height. It’s built around the traditional and reliable double pole design and has a large mesh top for stargazing and ventilation. The minimum weight is just 3 lbs 7 oz and it will retail for only $179.95, making it one of the lightest double wall shelters in this price range. It also includes the new Night Glow Accessory, which converts any headlamp into a soft lantern.

Sierra Designs Summer Moon 2 (2017)

The Clip Flashlight 2

This redesign of the old classic brings in more interior space than the original while also reducing the price. The revised design features a spacious 42″ peak height, 30 square feet of interior space, a pack weight of 3 lbs 6 oz and will retail for $199.95. It will also feature a larger door and vestibule than the old model, all without increasing the weight. Also included is the Night Glow kit. Considering the popularity of the old model, this could be a hit.

Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 (2017)
Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 (2017)

The Divine Light 2 FL

Playing off the design of the Clip Flashlight and Tensegrity Shelters, the Divine Light merges the features of each into an entirely new design. It features a large roll back awning, two side awnings, beyond vertical walls that result in extra shoulder space, and it pitches with trekking poles to shave weight. The two man version has a towering peak height of 45.5″ and 29.3 square feet of interior space. It will weigh 3 lbs 1 oz, and retail for $389.95 ( 2 lbs 7 oz at $319.95 for the solo). The most intriguing feature here is the additional front door that leads to the awning/vestibule. The awning (rolled up in the photo below) can be zipped down to create a full vestibule, or event porched to a make a sun/rain shelter.


Sierra Designs Divine Light 2 FL (2017)
Sierra Designs Divine Light 2 FL (2017)

The High Route

The High Route is designed along side of Andrew Skurka and is designed to be a roomy solo shelter capable of handling even light winter weather. It’s a full double wall design with a unique asymmetrical trekking pole pitch, with one pole at the shoulder and one at the opposite hip. This makes a taut ridge line that sheds snow and wind. Full vertical walls with catenary cuts in the fabric ensure lots of internal space and a taut pitch. It packs 36 square feet of internal space, making it large enough to store the campers gear inside. The doors can also be porched out, creating awnings on either side for better ventilation and some sun protection. It will weight just 2 lbs 5 oz and will retail for $299.95. This one is actually available now in limited supply.

Sierra Designs High Route 1 (2017)


So, that’s some of the new 2017 designs. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. I’ll do my best to get the answers for you. I’m particularly interested in the Clip Flashlight, as the old standing classic is still on the trails today, some 10 years later.

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2 thoughts on “2017 Sierra Designs Tents Preview

  1. Hello, andy update coming to the Flashlight model, specifically an update that addresses the condensation issue towards to foot of the tent?

    1. Hi there. As far as I’v heard, there is no plan to update the current model, although they’re always working on improvements. The hybrid single/double wall design is integral to what makes the Flashlight tent the Flashlight, so I don’t see them changing that aspect, sadly. I’ve you’re having condensation issues, you might look to a full double wall shelter like the now available Clip Flashlight 2.

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