Big Agnes 2017 Tents Preview

Always innovating, in 2017 Big Agnes is planning to bring further improvements to some of their legendary designs while also introducing several new and unique shelters to their ever growing line. Here is a preview of some of my favorites.

Fly Creek HV UL 2

*Review up now. link below:


Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2The Copper Spur HV 2

*review up now. Link below:

A long standing favorite of mine, the Copper Spur 2 is getting it’s first ever redesign. Starting with a new pole system, the new configuration not only improves strength but also increases the internal living space available. Steeper walls and more room at the head and the foot provide an even roomier experience for those looking for an ultralight, freestanding tent. The materials are being update as well. A new type of nylon utilizes a randomized, higher thread weave count that cuts ounces while improving overall durability. The new design will weigh just 3 lbs 4 oz (packed weight) and will cost $449.95

Copper Spur HV 2 (2017)

Copper Spur Platinum

Somehow cutting even more weight off of the classic Copper Spur design, this insanely  light refresh will weigh just 2 lbs 10 oz while still retaining all of the space of the original. Retailing for $599.95, it’s designed for those who demand only the lightest tent possible.

Copper Spur 2 Platinum_TentWithFly_Closed
Big Agnes Copper Spur Platinum

Happy Hooligan UL2

It’s time that ultra light tech starts to trickle down to more affordable options. At just 3 lbs 9 oz and $379.95, the happy hooligan is aiming to bring the cost of full featured ultralight double wall shelters down to a more manageable level. The design will still sport two doors and two vestibules, without burdening the hiker with a heavy pack weight or price tag.

Big Agnes Happy Hooligan 2
Big Agnes Happy Hooligan 2

Tulfly Sl2+

Designed by the women of Big Agnes, the Tulfly takes on a roomier approach to backpacking. Two large double zippered vestibules will pack in lots of additional storage space, while near vertical walls and a higher than usual peak height improve on the generally tight spaced interior of most backpacking tents. It sports an elegant symmetrical design. It will retail for $449.95 and weight 4 lbs 9 0z.

Big Agnes Tufly SL 2 Plus


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2 thoughts on “Big Agnes 2017 Tents Preview

  1. It’s hard to see, but are there actually two zippers required to open a door on the new copper spur? The rainbow door on the old version was bad, but this is worse.

    1. Hi there!

      I do believe this one will come with dual zippers as well (although they’re not in production yet, so things may change). What I do is let the zippers to meet in the middle of the “D” door, and I’ll zip one to the left while the other goes up and around. This actually lets me get inside the tent faster than with a single zipper. You can also slide them both to one far side, and just use one to follow the entire track around if that helps.

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