Ultra Slim Wallet from Allett

I’ve been sporting the Ultra Slim Original Wallet from Allett for a while now, and there really is no going back to my old leather bi-fold.

Allet Ultra Thin Wallet

Constructed from lightweight tear resistant nylon, Allett focuses on reducing the bulk and weight of the wallet by careful selection of materials and clever design. Instead of stacking all of my cards and cash on top of each other when folded, resulting in a thick wad of plastic and leather (my old wallet), the Ultra Slim Original spreads all of my cards into two, side by side stacks, and wraps it up in a thin feathery fabric. This reduces the thickness, and weight, to about one third of my old one. When I first started carrying the wallet, I consistently found myself checking my pockets to make sure it was still there. It’s feathery light, and the way the mass is distributed over a large area makes it nearly undetectable when towing it around. But really the best part comes down to my every day experiences with it. Sitting on the wallet doesn’t contort the spine or make me feel like i’m sitting on a lump, and whipping it out allows me to easily access any card I want without having to dig through a stack of them. It also packs away easily in any compartment of my backpack when hiking, biking or tackling my daily commute, further emphasizing it’s worth.

Allet Ultra Thin Wallet

For just under $20, it’s an excellent upgrade for those who are looking for a more comfortable, light weight wallet at a fair price. It does a fair job at protecting my cards, and nothing ever tries to slip out when it shouldn’t. Check out https://www.all-ett.com/ for more information. I highly recommend one.

Allet Ultra Thin Wallet

For more information on Allett and and their wide range of gear, check out their website, https://www.all-ett.com/

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I want to extend a huge thanks Allett for providing this product for review. We couldn’t do it without their help. Our full disclosure can be found here.

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