SealSkinz Dragon Eye Waterproof Gloves Review

The Dragon Eye Gloves from SealSkinz target seasons that not only bring bone chilling cold , but also rain, sleet and snow. With a rugged, low thickness design, they’re designed to provide excellent dexterity while keeping hands protected from abrasion, water, and cold. This is my review.

The Dragon Eye Gloves are entirely waterproof, windproof and constructed from very durable AX suede for abrasion and cut resistance. The back of the glove is soft and flexible for maximum flexibility, while the palms and underside of the fingers are wrapped in the leather like AX suede and Quattro for grip and durability. Inside, there is a breathable waterproof membrane nested within the fabric, while a wrist bound Velcro enclosure blocks out water and cold gusts. The gloves come in women and men’s sizes, retailing for $60.

Seal Skin Gloves

The Dragon Eyes are excellent candidates for early spring and late fall hiking, where sleet and slush are more common than snow. Having the waterproof membrane allows hands to stay warm while hiking in the rain, digging through slush, or just scraping frost off of a frozen car window at the trail head. They don’t pack any real insulation fill, but they still manage to stay fairly warm into the 30’s thanks to their impressive wind stopping technology and their ability to keep out all moisture. They fit quite well also, coming in true to size with just enough room inside to not feel tight. I’ve found there is just enough room for a thin liner if temperatures take a plunge, or you might consider some of Seal Skins thicker, more insulated models (these land a 3 out of 5 on the insulation index they use).

While wearing the gloves, I’ve found most tasks like cinching down backpacks, pitching tents, and even driving to be problem free. This is thanks to the thin construction and appropriately grippy palm and fingers. The gloves manage solid protection, with minimal loss of feel or dexterity. This means your hands will be warm and dry, while still usable on the trail.

The only downside? The materials, while incredibly durable, come across a bit stiff, and the seams can be felt while wearing them. Thankfully, they do soften up, but that takes some time. Tough gloves, like a sturdy pair of boots, will take some use before they’re completely broken in. It’s also worth noting that these aren’t going to be deep winter gloves for most people, as they’re minimalistic when it comes to how much actual insulation is within the gloves. They mostly rely on the internal membrane and fabric layers for warmth.

Sealskin gloves
Dragon Eye Gloves paired with their Waterproof Beanie Hat, also a great product.

In the end, there aren’t many gloves that focus on one of the toughest conditions hikers face, cold and wet. Even fewer gloves manage to actually perform in this type of situation. Thankfully, the Dragon Eye gloves from SealSkins have been engineered for just that and they pull through. Harsh wind, freezing rain, and shoveling through the slush are all tolerated quite well. They’re fairly comfortable after a lengthy break in period, and are some of the most durable I’ve tested. They look great too, so they’re a good fit on and off the trail. If you’re looking for a shoulder season glove, these are an excellent choice. They provide protection from the elements in a way that most gloves simply cannot without becoming restrictive, cumbersome, or too hot. SealSkinz also produces waterproof socks, beanies and other garments too which I also recommend checking out.


Seal Skin Gloves

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2 thoughts on “SealSkinz Dragon Eye Waterproof Gloves Review

  1. I have mixed experiences and thus feelings about these gloves… Sealskinz multiple claims are mostly valid, except for their waterproofing. That is true for the ‘hand section’ of the glove but not for the extension/adjustment part. So what happens when using them on a hike or trekking in a shower… The water drops move to the lower end of the rain jacket sleeves and then nicely moves into the lower section of the gloves making them wet on the inside. Over and out for having dry hands for the rest of your trip. It is all about details and as with goretex: overpromising… what we need is waterthight stuff! We want to pay for material that really helps us out when in the field depending on it. Not another overpromising marketeered (instead of engineered) expensive waste of money. So, to Sealskinz: please go all the way when you make claims.

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