Garneau Cityzen Collection Preview

The Cityzen Collection from Garneau aims to blend city and outdoor life with a range of clothing that fits both purposes. With an emphasis on style, technology, and comfort, they’re designed to perform on the trails while also blending in while in public.

Garneau Cityzen collection

These days, more and more people are integrating outdoor activities into their lifestyle, be that biking to work, jogging to the store, or simply walking instead of driving to their destination. This is happening for good reason. Staying active boosts metabolism, keeps you fit and strong, and has been shown to boost mood, mind and spirit. With this evolution in lifestyle and a progressive shift to moving more, clothing needs to change also to keep up. The Citizen collection is made with this in mind.

Garneau Cityzen collection


The clothing is meant to not only perform well, but also to please aesthetically. They’re designed to look sporty, but also to not look out of place if you need to hop off your bike to grab groceries, hit the gym, or even catch brunch with some friends. It’s also designed to pack up small and to be light, so changing into a work uniform shouldn’t take up too much space when stuffed into a backpack or even hip pack.

Garneau Cityzen


I’ve found the line (or at least the samples I’ve been testing) to perform quite well. I was provided a pair of slim fitting shorts, bike pads, and a nice shirt. The shorts are long cut and easily conceal the thin pads, avoiding the whole man wearing a diaper look that I’ve fought with on similar lines. The shorts slide easy and provide little friction against the seat of a bike, making longer rides much easier and more comfortable. The pads, for my tastes, are a little thin against a hard seat, but they do an exceptional job of staying in place and nearly completely eliminate any friction, with their near seamless construction and silky materials. The shirt is my particular favorite, with a small back pocket for keys or whatnot, and an extended neck and back section that protects from sun, while also keeping the lower spine (O.K., butt) covered while bending over the bars for better efficiency. They’re also quite lightweight, practically becoming undetectable once worn.

Garneau Citizen Collection

The Cityzen line will be a diverse line that targets both men and women, and should be available blend the lines of city and outdoor life by the time summer rolls around in the U.S. The line includes thin pads, bike shorts, shirts tanks and more.

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I want to extend a huge thanks to Garneau for providing this product for review. We couldn’t do it without their help. Our full disclosure can be found here.

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