Mountain Standard Scramblers and Pancakes

Mountain Standard has come up with a few new ways to spice up your next backpacking trip. Who’s wants carrot cake pancakes?

It’s often hard to come up with new trail worthy recipes, so when someone does it for me, I’m happy to give it a go. Mountain Standard has provided a wide assortment of options, including a range of dried salsas, scrambler kits, and pancakes.

The salsas and scramblers are quite unique in that you add eggs to them. Just crack a few into the resealable cups, let the ingredients rehydrate together, then scramble the eggs in your skillet. The salsa, paired with a tortilla and some dried cheese, makes an excellent hearty breakfast burrito if you’re into customizing your meal.

The pancakes? Well, if you’ve ever had carrot cake pancakes (you need to), you know what to expect. Add water, and cook just like you would any other pancake. Toss them in a hot skillet, wait for bubbles to form in the middle and flip.

They’re all available now via their website in handy sampler packs which can be found here. 


You can support the site by using the following link:

Mountain Standard High Protein, Power On Pancakes with Blueberries, Hemp & Rolled Oats, Two-Serving Breakfast, 9 Ounces

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