EcoVessel Transit Mug and Boulder Bottle

With an aim to help eliminate the consumption of single-use plastic bottles, EcoVessel produces high quality hydration bottles and tumblers that are designed to last a lifetime, while also providing excellent insulation. My Review:

EcoVessel Transit and Boulder

The 12 oz. Transit is a lightweight mug with a stainless steel construction. It has a removable lid with a grippy silicone seal and includes a multi-position slider to adjust the amount of liquid that can flow out. It is built around EvoVessel’s TriMax insulation, which combines the natural insulation of a vacuum seal with a copper insert to further improve insulation. The Transit is rated at 40 hours cold, or 4 hours hot, has a built in ergonomic handle and retails for $25.

EcoVessel Transit Mug

The 24 oz. Boulder on the other hand is a tall and narrow water bottle designed to fit comfortably in the hand or in most cup holders. It is also built with TriMax insulation technology inside, and promises to keep drinks cold for 40 hours, or hot for 8. The lid is actually a two part closure with a larger opening providing easy cleaning and filling, while the second threaded opening makes for a more pleasant drinking experience while providing flow regulation. The lid is removable and interchangeable with some of EvoVessel’s accessory tops also, which are sold separately. It includes a stainless steel strainer, perfect for water infusion, filtration of large particulates or to simply keep ice from slipping out while drinking.

EcoVessel Boulder
Here you can see the Boulder’s strainer and two part lid.

Both the Transit and Boulder are very well built, with the powder coated stainless steel construction holding up to my everyday adventures without so much as a scratch or ding. I really enjoy the ergonomics of the designs, with a strong nod going to the Boulder as it fits great in my hand, my backpacks, and my car. The Boulder is something I can use every day as I’m constantly on the go, and the tall/narrow form factor comes in handy constantly. The transit on the other hand is great for cocoa, tea or other beverages when I’m lounging around the house. Both have held up great to hand washing and really show no signs of wear, although I haven’t really dropped them yet so time will tell on that front.

All in all, they’re great products that provide a pleasing aesthetic (multiple colors are available) while providing the simple functionality I prefer. They are certainly built to last and do come with a warranty. Worst case scenario, however, they’re even recyclable.

Highly Recommended

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