Apex Protein Snacks?

Apex Protein Snacks focus on simple protein based snacks with short, healthy ingredient lists. I had a chance to try out four of their offerings, and these are my thoughts.

As mentioned above, I was provided four treats in total, two biltong (a classic method of drying thin sliced meat, basically jerky) and two meat sticks (thicker, ground meat formed into a stick).

The biltong I tried were both beef based, original and teriyaki. Their flavors were subtle, with their emphasis being on the taste of the meat itself, which is a good thing. The cuts were thin yet required some chewing to process, but had a nice, easy to eat flavor that wasn’t overly complex or overwhelming. The original had just a touch of spice to it, with the teriyaki variant having only a modicum of added flavor. The latter came across as slightly more complex, a bit darker, but not tangy or heavy on vinegar like I would have expected. Still quite good even if a bit on the tougher side. This is probably a worthy trade off for something with such a pleasant ingredient list (all easily indefinable as “food”). These were good, but didn’t blow my mind exactly. The pair very much reminded me of “grandpas jerky” which a lot of people will gravitate to.

The beef sticks I tried were original and bison/teriyaki. These I really liked. They were soft, easy to eat, and had a lot more flavor (and fat) than their biltong counterparts. The flavor here really stood out to me as a pleasant, yet still dominantly meat. There was also a hint of sweetness. I also picked up more pepper and onion, which I always appreciate. The teriyaki was a little more sweet with a nice subtle soy flavor that I could instantly recognize. The meat taste came out in front, dissolving to a more complex and revealing smokiness the more I ate, trailing with just a touch of game. These were great.

The real takeaway with all of the products on display here is the nutrition of the products. They’re very low in sugar, carbs, and have only a small amount of sodium nitrate as a preservative (common in dried meat). Otherwise, you can expect simple ingredients like onion, salt, soy, raisin juice, and nothing more complex or suspicious than that.

If you’re looking for healthy, simple protein that makes a great travel snack, this is a solid option and is very much worth checking out. They seem to hold up great after opening (the biltong particularly, not so much the meat sticks) and are a great pack in snack.


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I want to extend a huge thanks to Apex Protein for providing this product for review. We couldn’t do it without their help.

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