PediPocket Fleece blanket. A blanket with a foot pocket?

With Fall upon us, staying warm and toasty will soon become a full time hobby for many of us. The PediPocket is a lightweight fleece blanket with an integrated foot compartment for extra warmth and coziness. This is my review:

The PediPocket fleece blanket is a light-weight, 50″ x 70″ blanket with a 20″ deep foot pocket. There is a small logo sewn in, it comes in multiple colors, and retails for $60.

PediBlanket folded

The fabric is synthetic fleece with a bubbly quilted texture that feels a bit like small tufts of soft cotton. These tiny pillows of material create create small air pockets that trap heated air for additional warmth, and they also provide a nice tactility for the surface that I really enjoy. Due to the quilted pattern the blanket is actually warmer than I anticipated, keeping me toasty down to about 55 degrees F, assuming the wind isn’t kicking around too much.

The foot pocket itself is a nice feature and does make a difference. Not only does it help to keep my feet warm, it eliminates the need for me to tuck a blanket under my feet, as I generally do. I somewhat wish the pocket was just a little deeper, even though it is 20″ deep already, but this is probably just me being used to using sleeping bags after all these years. When propping up my feet I like my legs to be covered completely. Thankfully the blanket is wide enough that I can still wrap it underneath me.


I’ve been using my PediBlanket primarily on the patio and around the back yard, but it also makes a good mild weather campfire or car camping blanket. This isn’t a backpacking blanket, just to be clear, but it is just about perfect for mild weather camping and lounging around in general. The soft fabric breathes rather well, and has held up to patio furniture, concrete, sandals, and even little kitty paws.

The blanket is light weight, deceptively so, and packs up to about the size of a small watermelon. It also dries and washed up nicely after getting grungy or wet.

PediBlanket logo

Overall, I really like the PediBlanket for what it is. It’s soft, comfortable, and just warm enough to provide a bit of protection on breezy nights. At $60 I feel like it is on the higher side for what it is offering, but not overly so, placing it nicely in “Nice but not too expensive” gift territory.


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