The Practically Indestructible Titanium Camp Spork

More precisely, the Gerber Devour is an ultra-light titanium Camp Spork multi-tool with 6 different built in functions. It’s light, durable, and highly convenient. Quick Review:

The Devour is completely built from titanium, except for a rubber joining mechanism in the center that combines the spork with the smaller multi-tool. Aside from the obvious spork, the other functions include a pry bar, package opener, can opener, and a large and small flathead screwdriver tip.

The tool itself is basically indestructible under normal use. Stronger than steel yet basically as light as plastic. It isn’t going to bend, warp, scuff or melt, even under the worst conditions. It also doesn’t corrode or wear down with use, so it should easily last for decades, if not centuries. The only part that may wear out eventually is going to be the rubber joining mechanism.

My only real complaints with the tool come down to a less than rounded handle edge that doesn’t always feel great in some hand positions, and the texture of the titanium spoon basin itself feels a bit rough against the tongue, kind of like an unfinished wooden spoon. There is also an aluminum version of this tool that actually feels pretty nice, however, so if texture is more important than durability, that could be another option.

Otherwise, it’s a spoon that never fails, but also has a few other handy options built right onto the handle. It’s about 35 bucks full price, which admittedly is expensive for a spoon, but you’ll never need to replace it. Check out my video below for some more details and a few different angles of the tool/s. The price has fluctuated a bit, so the article may not match the video (sales and such).


Honestly, it depends on your usage. If you’re doing a long trail and you don’t want your spoon to break, melt or wear down, absolutely. If you’re sensitive about mouth feel? Maybe not. Go with the aluminum one instead.

Want to learn more about this product and their other offerings? You can check out their products here. This is an affiliate link.

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I want to extend a huge thanks to Gerber for providing this product for review. We couldn’t do it without their help.

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