Coghlan’s Camp Towel review

Sometimes it’s the little things that really come in handy. Not to be under appreciated, is the modest camp towel.

With a plethora of uses the camp towel can be used to dry yourself off, wipe condensation off your tent, double as a make shift pot holder, a seat, or many other options.

Coglan's Camp Towel
Coglan’s Camp Towel

Here with have the simplest of camp towels, cheap, but generous in it’s absorbancy the Coghlan’s Camp Towel absorbs up to 10x it’s weight in water, at only 3.99. That’s hard to beat.

In comparison, more expensive camp towels costing upwards of 25 bucks only absorb about 4x their weight in water. The trade off is the Coglan’s is rougher to the touch, but still soft, especially after the first couple uses. This and the Coghlan’s doesn’t pack as small, but the fourth inch of space it takes up in your pack is more than worth the benefits you’ll reap for carrying this little guy. It weighs practically nothing, so that’s no concern here. Yellow, ok not digging the color but we’re all adults here right? I’ll survive.

In my tests, it absorbed almost an entire bottle of water, only to be rang out and dried in less than 4 hours on a cloudy day. Pretty great for a penny less than 4 bucks.

This little guy has made a permanent spot in my pack.



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