Byer Easy Traveller Hammock Review

I just love a hammock. It’s a luxury that even a light weight packer like myself has a hard time leaving behind. After a rough day of hiking in the heat, nothing rejuvenates like kicking back in a hammock while everyone else pulls up a nice soft rock.

Byer’s Easy Traveller Hammock

There is only one major problem, most hammocks are quite heavy and bulky (Eagles Nest Outfitters for example). It’s often hard to justify bringing my hammock along on my backpacking trips, until I found this guy.

The major benefits to The Byer’s Easy Traveller Hammock are the weight, size, and included mounting system.  I have an ENO hammock, which I love, but that thing feels like it weights 3 pounds when the optional (optional?) straps are packed along with it. Not to mention that pack size is something similar to a football.

Haning out in my Byer’s Easy Traveller Hammock

The Byers is light at a fluttery 19 ounces, and holds an burly 250 pounds. The pack size is a succulent 6x6x2 inches. I can work with that.

The Mounting system is included which is a pet peeve of mine with other hammocks. It’s a unique system that wraps around the tree, and you simply slide a light aluminum rod through a loop, and you’re done. It’s simple, very fast, and quite reliable.

The Price is right at about 47 bucks, and again, that includes your mounting system. It’s hard not to recommend at that price.

The cons? The ropes are a little short, so you have to be a little picky about what trees you choose, but this also reduces the weight.

Overall, I have a new favorite hammock. I love this guy. It’s light, durable, and is small enough to fit in my bag anytime I’m heading out, even on day hikes.

Highly Recommended.


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