Backcountry Pizza

Standing beside the car at the Grayson Highlands park trail entrance, we had the pleasure of chatting with another couple who were also entering the backcountry. They were following the same basic itinerary as we were, so we figured we were on to something. As usual, food became the premium topic of conversation. “What are you guys having tonight?” I asked, “Beans” they replied optimistically. “And yourself?” they asked in return, “Pizza!” I stated proudly. The expression on their faces was priceless.

Who says you can’t eat well in the backcountry? This is how you do it.



Marinara sauce. You can get these in small pouches, buy “dipping sauces” that work great, or repackage it into something manageable.

Cheese (I chose a slices hard provolone for it’s stability without refrigeration).

Dough mix (any just add water mix works, or bisquick).

Toppings. Get creative. I chose pepperoni(some are shelf stable for months unopened) and crushed red pepper.

Olive oil. I soaked some in a cotton ball.

How to:

First, you’ll need a stove that’s capable of simmering. Many stoves will cook way too hot to make this work, and you’ll simply burn your pizza.

Backcountry pizza

Apply your olive oil to your pan or pot to prevent sticking. I layered aluminum foil for easy clean up, and applied the oil to that.

Mix your dough in a freezer bag or bowl, and spread it thinly to the pan or aluminum foil. Too thick and it won’t cook.

Spread your sauce and toppings.

Apply a lid to your pan (necessary)

Cook for about 5-7 minutes on your lowest burn possible,  until the bread is cooked through, and golden brown.

Cooking tips:

I used a wind pro stove with a shield that wraps around the stove itself, and also includes a cover to maximize efficiency. It basically turns your stove into an oven. If you don’t use this technique, you may need a thicker pan to prevent burning. 

Allow to cook and enjoy! Since I cooked on the aluminum foil, I simply pulled that out and wadded it up when finished. I mixed the dough in a freezer bag. No dishes except for a spoon!


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