Find local hiking. Easy.

It’s hard sometimes, finding local hikes. Most trails are hidden, and poorly marked, if marked at all. Here, I’m making a couple suggestions to help you get out more. Obviously, you can start by checking out my locations section where you’ll find detailed local info. Otherwise, read on.

Check Local.

Go to the local outfitters, or even give them a call. Any real enthusiast will be happy to share all the secret hidden spots with you, and you’ll be able to get legit first hand information on things like weather conditions, hazards, water sources, and regulations.

Trail Behind is a new gem that I’ve recently found. It shows more local information than I know what to do with, and this is great considering how hard this information can be to find. Simply zoom in on the interactive map close enough and icons will start showing up everywhere. Hiking, trailheads, biking, camping, it’s all on here.

First, go subscribe. It’s an excellent magazine and they should be supported. You’ll get everything you need in your mail box, or in your inbox or tablet.  Second, visit their website and hit up the destinations link. You can sort it by trips submitted by backpacker magazine, or by reader trips. They cover some of the most popular trips, but if you’re looking for local hidden gems, check TrailBehind.


Gorp is another fairly popular website. It has a great graphical interface, and the trips are organized by state. While not the most user friendly out there, it’s a lot of peoples go to website for finding good, well known hiking destinations. It has a nice look, and is pretty reliable.


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