NSEO. Making friends, and enjoying life.

Never hike alone again. That’s the idea. I stumbled across the Natural Sports Organization (NSEO) just over a year ago. I was actively searching for new hikes and places to pitch my tent far away from the hustle of the city, when I stumbled across this website.


The NSEO is a group of individuals who gather to celebrate and enjoy the amazing wilderness of our local area. From beginners to experts, people of all colors, races, and skill levels get together with one goal, the enjoyment and celebration of the natural world. They don’t simply dream the dream, they live it.

NSO (Natural Sports Organization) atop the Shinning Rock Wilderness

When I first found the site, I reluctantly signed up. I thought to myself, “I’ll just see where these guys go, and I’ll take advantage of their knowledge”. I logged in and noticed the wide variety of events, and began to look at the photos and reviews. It looked like a lot of fun, and it was.

I decided to try an event, just to see what was what, and I never looked back. The enthusiasm, friendliness, and openness of this group is amazing. Since then, I have attended 23 meetups, and I am planning many more. I personally have even began organizing events myself. It turns out my skills were need, and useful and I’ve been more than happy to lend my hand. I’ve met so many amazing people, and have even made friends, and met a lovely companion of my own. The NSEO has changed the way I enjoy the outdoors, and improved the way I do it. They hike, cave, rock climb, repel, kayak, and more. There is always an adventure waiting.

I highly recommend everyone give this a shot. Sign up is free, and there is no charge to give it a try. There are events every week, and hundreds of members who are all amazing. There is a small 5 dollar fee to help keep things running, but you can try it out first. Get out there, make more friends, and enjoy your life to a new degree. Never hike alone again.

Another Peak, another victor, another day with friends.

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