Laurel Falls, Hampton Tn

Laura Falls is a rare spot. It’s an amazing hike with a huge payoff, but with minimal effort. You’ll receive beautiful views of the river, cascades, rock walls, bridged river crossings, succulent forests, and at the end, a spectacular, gushing waterfall that stands several stories tall.

Laurel Falls, Hampton Tn. I classify this hike as a mild hike, and great for beginners. At just under 6 miles round trip, with a total elevation gain of only 1,200 feet, it’s the perfect way to get in a nice long hike without being completely exhausted when you hit camp. There are only a few rock points and most of the trail is smooth and very well maintained.

To access the trailhead, simply head towards hampton Tn, and turn onto U.S. 321 just down from McDonalds,  heading towards watauga lake. Follow U.S. 321 1.3 miles, and the trailhead parking will be on your right. Get there before 11, or parking could be very limited as this is a popular local destination.

225870_10150192932424819_518339818_6731721_3861840_nOnce on the trailhead, just follow the trail along the river the entire way (on your right) and you’ll find your way to the falls.

Or, you can also use the Trimble Outdoors or Backpacker app as a guide using the link below.




4 thoughts on “Laurel Falls, Hampton Tn

  1. no lying here. this has been my favorite spot to hike, swim, and camp since i was a kid. the water is always so cold.

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