Big Agnes Lone Spring 3 Tent Review

I’ve always been a fan of Big Agnes tents; however, their gear tends to be quite expensive (and worth it). What happens when a company famous for making high end tents decides to put their hands in the the affordable realm? The Lost Spring Series tents happen, but do they hold that BA quality?

Big Agnes Lone Spring 3

About the tent

The Lost Spring 3 (reviewed) weighs in at about 5 lbs. 5 oz, and costs an MSRP of 249.95. It’s a dual pole, with center crossbar design to add to the livable space inside the tent. There is a single side door, and the vestibule boasts 9 square feet of storage. Inside, you’ll have 47.5 square feet of living space, with a peak of of 117 centimeters. The tent itself is built from durable, reliable, ripstop polyester, and the poles are made from DAC Pressfit aluminum. You’ll get 2 large vents atop the tent, with plenty of mesh on the walls to keep the air flowing, and condensation down.

Big Agnes Lone Spring 3

What I liked about the tent

249 is a great, great price for a reliable tent. The tent has enough room for 3 adults to fit comfortably inside, and the storage of most of your gear under the vestibule, including 3 pairs of boots and backpacks. The construction of the tent is quite solid. You’ll sleep in confidence knowing your tent isn’t going anywhere. Setup is quick and painless thanks to the clipped design and snap on rain fly.  The poles are quite durable, and you’ll have no doubts pitching the tent on rough surfaces without a footprint. The ripstop polyester is coated, and sheds water like an oil spot. Rain rolled off the rain fly like it knew it wasn’t supposed to be there.  Not only do you have two vents, but the walls are built from breathable polyester and mesh. Thanks to this, the tent did a fantastic job of fighting condensation thanks to the above average ventilation.  After 4 days in Aspen Colorado, the tent managed to stay completely dry on the inside most nights when properly staked out, only gathering light condensation on the dampest of nights. It packs up at a decent size for a 3 man tent.

Big Agnes Lone Spring 3

What I didn’t like

One door makes for interesting late night restroom breaks. The poor fellow who sleeps in the back of the tent will have to crawl over his buddies for a not so stealthy escape. While adequate, the tent didn’t come with BAs’ best of stakes. They’re light, but I would have liked to see their impressive J-stakes included. Could be a little lighter.


This doesn’t feel like a budget tent. It’s rolling in quality, and especially value. I never thought it possible, but Big Agnes managed to make a great tent at an affordable rate. The build quality is fantastic, and showed no wear after a long 5 day trek in Colorado with daily thunderstorms. While big enough for 3, the tent is actually light enough to be a palace for two at only under two and a half pounds per person. At a few pennies under 250 bucks, I really like this tent. Perfect for for anyone  looking to split weight between a few backpackers, or anyone who wants to bring their family along for a hike.


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