How to Stop Your Boot laces From Slipping

Are your boot’s laces loosening up on those long descents, or coming untied completely on high mileage treks? The problem lies within your technique, not your laces.

A simple fix is a modification of the original bow method of tying your boots.

Lace your boots as usual, and proceed to make the final “roundabout” on the first loop, but instead of finishing the bow there, make another loop around the first bow. This increases the friction, and will keep the boot laces from slipping. finish the bow as normal, but make sure your final quick release is tucked through the extra loop you’ve created, not under.

Need even more friction? Add another loop.

The best part? It can still be untied just like your same old bow. A quick tug and you’re free!

Boot laces, surgeons knott


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