Basically a Kangaroo Pouch for your Bike: The Slap Bag Review.

The Slap Bag is a simple fabric bag that attaches to the cockpit of a bike and for quick and effortless one handed access to anything inside. I never knew I needed this.

The Slap Bag is built out of a bendable/shapeable top bar, a snap bracelet style closure bar, and stiff, waterproof, X-Pac fabric that hangs down to create the bag itself. There are 4 small Velcro straps to attach to the bars/stem, as well as an internal bungie for attaching keys or other items, and that is it. Simplicity distilled. It weighs less than two ounces, retails for $35 and is available in a wide array of colors.

Ease of use is the whole point of the Slap Bag. Installation is as simple as bending the bag to fit into the curve between the handlebars and the stem of the bike. Connect the 4 Velcro straps and it’s ready to use. Opening the bag is as simple as gently pulling on the tab located on the top of the Slap Bag. It just pops right open and provides unobstructed access to anything inside. Thanks to the yawning shape of the opening, a fully gloved hand easily fits inside, without having to push through or shimmy in. To close it, simply push against the rail of the bag and it snaps shut with no effort at all. It is so easy to open and close that it is entirely possible to access things inside while still pedaling and steering, making things like snacks or keys always available. It is by far the easiest to access accessory bag I’ve ever used.

The straps can be attached in a variety of ways and should fit practically any bar.

How does the bag behave on the bike while in use? Well, fine actually. The positioning of the bag is technically up to the user, but with the intended installation it is bent into the corner of the bar/stem and is surprisingly stable and unobtrusive. Even with a phone, keys, and some snacks stuffed inside to the point that it would barely close, the bag didn’t move around too much, even on chunky terrain. I was able to hop curbs, do some small jumps, and even go down some rough rock steps without it flopping around in any distracting way. It is unpadded, so if you’re doing this kind of riding you may not want to leave your phone where it could bounce against the frame or fork, but otherwise I see no issues.

Build quality is overall quite good. The fabrics are rugged X-Pac VX-21, which is a waterproof, ripstop fabric that holds its shape even in the wind (no flapping here). This holds up great to repeatedly opening and closing the bag, and to any friction that might occur as it can rub up against the fork of the bike while in motion or turning. The flexible bar and snap bar in the top also seem rather sturdy, with neither losing their shape during my testing. The Velcro tabs are thin, but assuming you’re not filling the bags with rocks I don’t see them being a problem either. I don’t see any warranty listed on their page, but I don’t see this being much of a concern, especially with the cost of the item.

My only minor and yet unsubstantiated concern with the Slap Bag is the use of waterproof materials, without a drain. Now, the closure is quite secure and will keep 99% of the rain out, but some moisture can seep in in really rough conditions. Probably not a problem, but having a tiny drain could be nice just in case (but would also let in dust, which may be a bigger concern). Personally, I’m not going to worry about it as I don’t tend to ride in torrential downpours.

I would also like to see some variations of this bag. Perhaps a wider version, a deeper model, or even a version with some added supports/attach points at the bottom so that it could be used as a bar bag (on the front of the bike). The bag is just large enough to fit most phones, but just barely short of holding my S22+, for example, so having a couple sizes would be beneficial for some.


In my eyes, the Slap Bag is an absolute gem. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to stop, grab my phone to check that message, grab a snack and dump everything back inside, all with less inconvenience than reaching into my pants pocket. It’s well built, exceptionally light-weight, and is priced appropriately as well. This is an accessory I can easily recommend for anyone, from a casual ride to a seasoned veteran. I do wish there was a posted warranty, but I don’t see my Slap Bag failing anytime soon and that’s what really matters.

The Highest of Recommendations

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