Backcountry 7 Inch Lightweight Ripstop Short Review

Backcountry now makes a slick pair of 7″ Ripstop shorts designed for hiking and camping. I’ve put a pair to the test, and this is my quick review:

The Ripstop shorts by backcountry are constructed from lightweight yet rugged, ripstop nylon that’s made from recycled materials. The shorts have two front pockets, a zippered accent cargo pocket, and two low profile back pockets. It also features a clever integrated belt and buckle with a quick lock and release function, along with a fast cinch for easy adjustments.

The shorts actually come various lengths, but I’ve been using the 7″ inseam and have really liked them. I chose the longer length to provide a little more protection for climbing and scrambling, like I do. They’re lightweight, fairly low friction, and have held up great to hiking, camping, lounging, and even paddle boarding. The material feel is good, providing feel similar to a rugged cotton to the touch. Their quick drying nature makes them an obvious choice for situations where there a chance of getting wet or jut sweaty, and they ventilate quite well also I especially liked the integrated belt buckle that just pops into place, and releases with a simple lift of the tab on the buckle. It cinches down tight and is router underneath the fabric so they don’t slip or bunch when wearing a pack, and provide very little friction when doing so. They’re also quite affordable as I’ve seen the prices range between $38 and $68.

My only minor gripe with these is that I would like to see an even longer inseam short, personally, as I like a little knee coverage for briars and bush protection.

These ‘Ripstop’ shorts are a great option for anyone looking for a fairly rugged, styling, yet affordable short that can be used just about anywhere.

Highly Recommended

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2 thoughts on “Backcountry 7 Inch Lightweight Ripstop Short Review

  1. “My only minor gripe with these is there is no zippered back pocket”
    You can literally see the zipper on the back pocket in your photo…

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